the power
of play

Out of Bounds is a science-driven youth sports program.
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A child looks up through the hoop of a basketball net

Changing the game

Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or game-based play, we provide engaging activities that meet every kid's level and expectations and help them grow into amazing players, teammates, and people.

Our research-backed approach builds foundational skills from the ground up, providing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits that last a lifetime.

Oh, and did we mention? Kids love it.

We believe in...

  • Fun and joyful games that keep engagement high
  • Highly-trained coaches that encourage appropriate development
  • Building on best practices in learning science, kinesthiology, and more
  • Small-sided creative games that teach kids foundational skills, no forced specialization
  • Focused on fun and growth, and not winning or losing

We don’t believe in...

  • Boring drills based on conjecture and not underpinned by science
  • Coaches yelling at kids, or not being constructive
  • A “winning-at-all-costs” mentality that leads to burnout and drop-out
  • So sports-specific we ignore developing foundational skills
  • No room for creativity or self-directed learning and development