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Play to the X, which underlies all of our programs, is a research-backed methodology that leverages scientific advances, particularly the science of learning.

Working with leading experts from top universities such as UCLA, our team has blended sports intelligence with concepts such as desirable difficulties, spaced practice, and the feedback principle to help not only improve their on field performance, but teach them learning strategies that will serve them throughout their development.

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Given the space and opportunity, kids will naturally create challenges for themselves and for their peers through play.

Think of recess, a time when kids are often left to their own devices. In this free space, they create unique games that challenge them both physically and mentally.

They bend the traditional rules of tag to make it more fun. They test boundaries, take on new challenges, and grow their abilities. They don’t see “failure” as a bad thing, just another chance to try again. They unlock their inner self-motivated learner.


We carefully balance the difficulty of the task and the ability of the learner to create “desirable difficulties.”

A well-designed micro-game is difficult enough to keep players engaged, and yet achievable enough that they build confidence in our ability to do hard things.

Through these carefully designed situations, players learn and grow. And they have a lot more fun doing it than boring, repetitive, drills.

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